Which Tattoo Needles Are The Best For Beginners?

Choosing the right tattoo needles for you is a crucial part of the tattooing process. Not only will it help you create better results, but it will also decrease the time and effort that it takes to create a tattoo. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right kwadron needles, including the size and the type of work you are going to do.

Thinner needles:

The size of the needles you use will also affect the effects that they have on the skin. Thinner needles will produce more precise lines, while thicker needles will produce thicker lines. Also, the diameter of the needle will determine the amount of ink that will be available for use. Also, a crooked needle can be dangerous to the skin. You should make sure that the needle is straight before you begin tattooing. This will help the ink to be distributed evenly. You will also avoid ink buildup on your skin.

Flat needles:

The most popular type of needle is flat. Flat needles are often used for lines and shading. They are angled farther apart, making it easier to cut through the skin. They also allow you to shape the lines you draw. Flat needles also lack a hard edge on the liner, which makes them easy to cut.

Flat tattoo needles are also easy to angle, making it easier to get precise shading. A flat heel is also good for cutting through the skin. They are also non-slip, which is beneficial for beginners.

Cartridge style:

Other types of needles include cartridge style. These are the preferred needles for beginners because they are easy to install. Cartridge needles are also good for filling in lines and details. They are also inexpensive. Some artists prefer cartridge needles because of the low noise.

Round shader:

Another type of needle is the round shader. These needles are used for shading, dot work, and line work. This type of needle has a point at the tip, which allows you to create a thicker line. You will also see this type of needle labeled as RS (Round Shader) or RL (Round Liner).


The next type of needle is the magnum. This type of needle is used for shading, color packing, and grey shading. Curved magnum needles come in many different sizes, which are great for shading different sizes of tattoos. You can also purchase bug pin magnum needles, which are ideal for blending color and detail.

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